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Farm Mechanisation Hotting Up  

Sickle Innovations was recently covered by the Economic Times, focussing on startups in the industry that are raising significant funds and finding traction. Click here for more information.

AgFunderNews Covers Sickle Innovations

AgFunderNews, a leading news site focussing on agricultural technology (Ag-Tech) and trends in the agriculture-investment industry, has covered Sickle Innovations’ partnership with a dairy equipment manufacturing giant. Sickle are working closely with this corporate entity to design and develop a customised milking machine that caters specifically to India’s bovines. Click here to read more

Interview with Sickle Founder and CEO Nitin Gupta

An early interview with our founder and CEO Nitin Gupta, providing insight in to the founding of Sickle Innovations. Click here to read more.